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If your sleep history was a coffee table book, that unfolded with glossy pages of the beds that you had spent your night’s on, the most interesting layouts would probably be from your time spent travelling.

Sleep is often a luxury when travelling abroad, especially on a budget. A mattress that you would never even consider using at home, might be an oasis after an overnight bus ride to Luang Prabang. But that’s what makes travelling such an adventure – the unknown. Your Beautyrest will always be there to cradle your tired body when you return home. But sleeping next to a chicken cage and a family of eight, that’s priceless.

Here are a few colourful suggestions for travellers looking to enhance their personal sleep pages:

-Under the Grecian Skies

The overnight ferry from Athens to Crete without a sleeper cabin is an experience. Save the money and make yourself comfortable on the deck. Beware of drunks and seabirds.

-Human Sardines

Any overnight train in India will offer you an experience you will never forget. You will almost undoubtedly arrive to find your seat, bench or private car occupied. Don’t fight it. Embrace it. Claim your spot, but don’t be surprised to wake-up to a total stranger using your thigh as a pillow.

-Sand for Springs

You’ve spent a few dollars on a beach side hut in Thailand and packed it with your fellow travellers. Let them snore each other to sleep. Try the sand for a night.

-Sleeping With Strangers

Preface: Always wear protection. That being said, befriending a local can save you money on accommodation and present some of the most unique sleeping experiences you will encounter. The comfort of a stranger is sometimes oddly compelling.

-’Yurt’le The Domed Turtle

Leave the tent behind on your next backpacking adventure and spend a few night’s sleeping in one of the world’s most basic, yet satisfying sleeping structures: the yurt.

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