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The Top Five Things to Consider When Shopping For Sheets For Your New Mattress

5. Thread Count Is Not the Be-All and End-All

  • Yes, it matters, but there is a limit. Fabric experts suggest buying sheets between 200-600; the sweet spot is between 280-400. Sheets in this range are soft, yet breathable. They also wear better. Sheets over 600 will trap body heat, which is less than ideal, unless of course you are doing winter camping. But who takes their 600 count sheets into the bush.

4. Cotton is King

  • When in doubt, go with cotton. You can use them year round, they feel soft and for those of us with little ones, they are easy to clean. On the cotton charts, Sea Island Cotton reigns supreme. Second is Egyptian Cotton, the material used for most high class hotel sheets. Prima is another kind and is grown in the United States. Beware the 100 per cent cotton label. If they’re bragging about being 100 per cent, the quality of cotton is probably low.

3. Organic Choices

  • If you or your partner have skin sensitivity issues, spend the extra money and go with an organic cotton. This cotton is grown without pesticides.

2. Bamboo Blends

  • The granola fibre of the moment is bamboo. Often blended with cotton, this fibre is soft and breathable and rarely requires pesticides for commercial farming.

1. Your Mattress

  • It doesn’t matter what you’re sheets are like if you are stretching them over a tired, saggy mattress. Start with your bed first and then spend the money on decent sheets.

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