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Tech Specs: Sleep Gadgetry

Apple has hired J.E.M Raymann, from the Philips Research team, to help implement new health sensors in their forthcoming iWatch. Raymann has been focusing on sleep research with the Philips Tech Company. The hire suggests that the iWatch will be able to track the sleep activity of it users, hopefully offering personal advice on how to improve sleeping habits.

The Philips team founded a Sleep Experience Laboratory that focuses on non-clinical sleep research, with a non-pharmacological approach. Raymann will be able to use this background work to advise Apple on their products ability to optimize rest and activity.

Apple is releasing few details about the product, but rumours have the watch being heavily tied to the new IOS system, iOS 8. It will work in conjunction with current products, such as the iPad and iPhone. The wrist device is also rumoured to have a proximity charging station.

As a Vancouver bed store, we hope that Apple’s new watch will encourage user’s to spend a full eight hours on their mattress, or at least remind them to prioritize sleep. You can arm your self with new-fangled gadget from head-to-toe, but if you don’t get your rest, your mind and body will lag.

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