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Vancouver’s Space Program

Canadian technology has been an important part of the international space program for years. Our finest contribution has been the production of the Canadarm, a robotic arm used to manipulate massive payloads in space. The arm has been installed on NASA’s space shuttles and on the International Space Station. It was also recently featured in the blockbuster space-thriller “Gravity.

Now a local Vancouver company is preparing to be recognized as the next big Canadian contributor to the International Space Program. UrtheCast Corporation has created two cameras that are set to capture the first colour video feed of the earth from space. The cameras were designed with help from aerospace partners from around the globe.

The cameras were first installed on the Russian segment of the International Space Station on December 27th of 2013. Unfortunately, the Mission Control Centre in Moscow has been unable to receive any data from the cameras. A second attempt to correctly install the cameras will be made during the next two weeks.

Once setup correctly, the cameras will broadcast high-resolution video and stills back to earth. These images will allow for environmental monitoring, perhaps playing a huge part in our ability to track and predict the ongoing climate changes affecting our planet. The cameras will also be used for global tracking of social events and humanitarian relief.

The developers hope that the images will be made available for public viewing on the Internet by early next year.

Simmons Mattress Gallery would like to commend UrtheCast on their huge accomplishment.

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