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Thinking of leaving your office job and following your dream of opening a small business? The B.C. Government has an excellent online database for young entrepreneurs. One of our favourite articles listed the 9 essential traits that new business owners should master:

1. Clear Vision: You need to know what you’re selling, who you are selling to and what goals you plan to achieve. Start with this and everything else will follow. It is essential that you understand your product before you pitch it.

2. Determination: Holding down an office job is peanuts when compared to starting your own business. If you don’t have the determination to follow your plan through, it won’t get done. Your determination to push past setbacks will ultimately define your business prowess. Learn from your mistakes and push forward.

3. Ambition: “Big results require big ambitions.” – Heraclitus

4. Self-Confidence: Your personality will sell your product. If you don’t believe it will sell, it won’t.

5. Good Health: Your health is directly related to your ability to succeed. Look after your body and you will be able to allocate the energy you need to see out your business plan. Refuse to be sick. How? Sleep. Make your mattress a priority.

6. Realistic Goals: Strive for the top, but realize you need to start at the bottom.

7. Problem-Solving: The path to success is never straight. You need to be ready to adapt and change at the drop of a hat. Your business plan is a guide not a firm recipe. Be willing to think for yourself.

8. Willing to Work for Free: Monetary success is your goal, but during your initial years, it is definitely not a certainty.

9. Skills: Know every area of your enterprise and secure your value.

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