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Reducing Teenage Angst with Sleep Supervision

Teenagers crave freedom. They want their own space, they want to cultivate their own opinions and they want to constantly express their individuality. As parents, we need to grant them the room they need to develop, but we also need to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle, one that lets them exercise their full potential.

A study done by the University of Cincinnati and published in the Journal of Health and Social Behaviour, suggests that teenagers whose parents monitor their behaviour, were far more likely to practice healthier sleeping patterns than adolescents who were not monitored.

Sleep is central to a healthy lifestyle and teenagers need more sleep than any of us. The National Sleep Foundation recommends 9 1/4 hours a night for teenagers. This helps their concentration at school and increases their energy for extracurricular activities. It also improves their mood, which we all know is prone to heavy pendulum swings.

Tracking their sleep schedules is difficult, but important. A simple nightly visit to their bedroom will show you are still keeping a watchful eye on their habits. You can also include a general conversation about the benefits of sleep. Here are a few general talking points for encouraging an earlier bedtime:

Your teen may also have troubles getting up in the morning. This is natural and part of their biological development. Instead of getting mad at them for missing their alarm, poke your head in their room and offer a gentle reminder.

The Cincinnati survey also found that girls were far more likely to have sleep issues than boys.

If you find that after all your encouragement, your teenager is still not following a healthy sleep schedule, spend the money and improve their mattress Vancouver adolescents will love the gesture. It shows you care and that’s what really matters.

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