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Bedtime Routines for Young Children (Part 2/3): Story Time

Story Time

Story time is and will continue to be, the perfect activity to send your child to dreamland. Sure there are apps and movies on your iPad that your child loves, but these warrant a different kind of engagement. A book requires them to either look at the pages with you at a controlled pace or use their own imaginations to put pictures to a story. Leave your electronics in the living room.

The tone of your voice is important when reading. Talk slowly and try to enunciate your words. This will help in vocabulary building. For young ones, choose stories with basic rhyme schemes or nightie themes.

Here are a few of our favourite story time reads for children three and under:

1. Good Night Moon: The Classic

  • Simple, but effective. Your child will probably have the words memorized by the age of two.

2. Little Blue Truck: Personal Favourite

  • It won’t be up for a Pulitzer, but it’s nice story about helping others. It utilizes a simple rhyme scheme that will help your child anticipate words and encourage memorization.

3. Llama, Llama, Red Pyjama: Off the Press

  • A fairly new addition to the nighttime library, Llama deals with separation issues. This book is great if your child is just starting to sleep on their own mattress Vancouver bookstores have praised it.

Build your own library of books that are purely for bedtime reading.

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