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Bedtime Routines for Young Children (Part 1/3): Bathtime

This week, Simmons Mattress Gallery is turning our sleep focus to the wee little ones in the house; if they’re not sleeping, nobody is. You could have a luxurious Beautyrest Black mattress to return to every night, but if your children can’t sleep in their own beds or cribs, you won’t be getting any shuteye.

As many of you know already, routines are the key to getting baby, or your toddler, or even your preteen, down to bed. Sticking to those routines night after night is tough, but essential.

In this three part series, we look at thee important elements of those routines, specifically three steps for putting your young child to sleep.


Your child’s been at the park, climbed over the dog and crawled numerous times through the kitchen; it’s been an active day but now it’s time to come clean. A nighttime bath will help wash away the germs, but it also starts a routine of calming, presleep activities.

To prepare the tub, especially for young ones, swirl the water with your hand to remove any hotspots. You can also warm the air in the room to prevent chills when your child exits the tub or bath basin.

If you want to bring toys or games to the bath area, try to initiate gentle play and keep the splashing to a minimum.

To induce a calm atmosphere, try using a Bedtime Bath product. These soaps are like aromatherapy for your child. Johnson and Johnson make a tear free product that has been highly reviewed. The soap’s calming lavender aromas are perfect for encouraging sleep. Just be careful the scent doesn’t work its wonders on your own eyes.

Johnson and Johnson’s product is recommended for children three months and up.

Once clean, towel off and give your child some cuddle time. Massaging their little feet is an excellent post-bath activity.

From here it’s on to the bedroom.

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