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Mattress Fads: ( An Epilogue: Mattress Stacks )

After publishing last week’s “Mattress Fads,” we remembered a specific fad from our youth that we failed to cover: the Bunk Bed. So, as an epilogue to our discussion on mattress fads, Simmons Mattress Gallery would like to take it back to the days of cereal and Saturday morning cartoons with a quick discussion of the mattress stack.

“I call top bunk!”

It’s a simple idea: two bed frames, four planks to elevate, one ladder and a guard rail for the top bunk. The mattress on the bottom can be a twin or a full bed, but it’s always recommended that the top be a twin (for weight). Materials can range from laminate wood, to maple, to iron or a lighter metal alloy. The high bed is elevated five or six feet off the ground, with a minimum two foot clearance from the ceiling. And that’s about it.

For parents, the bunk bed has one major benefit; it provides a space-saving tool that limits the number of bedrooms needed in a family home. Floor space is maximized and Mom can keep her office.

For kids, it provides a plethora of excuses for nighttime fun. It’s great for sleepovers, forts and stuffed animal storage.

If siblings use them, the sound of one child sleeping will often put the other child to sleep. Conversely, a crying child can keep the other up. It should be mentioned that most bunk bed manufactures suggest that any child using a top bunk be over six years of age.

The beds were used as early as the 18th century for sea voyages and are still found in navy vessels today. They are also used in penitentiaries, where inmates share a cell.

I wonder if prisoners call the top bunk?

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