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It is easier to store than a kayak, more portable than a canoe and less dangerous than windsurfing. The new craze to hit the West Coast is Stand Up Paddleboarding.

All it requires in gear is a board, an elongated paddle, and a PFD (personal flotation device). That’s a lot less than winter sports like snowboarding.

Unlike surfing in Tofino, the learning curve is low. First timers can find their balance in calm water and be paddling in 5 minutes. Most companies offering lessons include a 15-minute intro course on land.

Secluded saltwater shelters like Deep Cove are excellent locations for beginners to learn. First timers may also want to practice on freshwater lakes before bringing their talent to the ocean.

Besides an excuse to get out on the water with a new sport, standup paddleboarding also offers an amazing workout. Anytime you can incorporate balance into your physical activity your core muscles will thank you.

Some local entrepreneurs have been offering classes that combine yoga and paddleboarding. The classes are around 30-50 dollars and include the rental cost. The boards are anchored to reduce drift.

There are currently a handful of companies offering lessons and rentals in the Greater Vancouver area. Give it a shot and take your summer to a whole new level of fun.

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