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The Personal Shopping Experience

There’s a new trend fast sweeping the nation and it’s going to the dearth of the mattress industry as we know it. Showcasing is quickly catching on in big box stores, from Future Shop to Best Buy, and the only way to combat it, as a retailer, is to change the shopping experience for you, our loyal customer.

Essentially, showcasing is when consumers visit stores where products are on display, you know, showrooms. They find the items (beds) they like and then use their Smartphones to compare prices with other models elsewhere on the Internets. It leaves Vancouver mattress retailers like Simmons Mattress Gallery holding the bag, and the lease for a 10,000 sq ft show space. It’s not a sustainable model.

Our answer is what we like to call the Personal Shopping Experience. Simply go to our website and pick out a few beds you would like to try. Alternatively, call ahead and tell us your personal preferences, be it a king sized, queen, hard or soft. Then, we will arrange a few beds for you in advance. When your mattress session is ready, we’ll treat you to fresh coffee, tea, hands on advice and have your mattresses all ready to try. It’s the little, personal differences that are going to change the face of the mattress industry, and we plan to lead the way to a better, more enjoyable shopping experience.

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