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Change Up Your Sleep Position

Are you one to lie face first on the mattress, one hand dangling limply to the side, with the other under your pillow, with a slowly growing wet spot from your sideways, drooling face. Is that you? Legs outstretched at a particular angle. Ankles bent at odd degrees. The covers rolled under your legs to form a warm cocoon of humid fluids? Is this unusual position the only way you can sleep?

Chances are your awkward sleep style has been formed through years of dozing on a bed that’s the wrong size. You may have been trying to share a double with a partner for far too long after the honeymoon phase. You may have been stuck on a single and forced to conform to an awkward shape and frame.

Like a free-range chicken, you need to liberate yourself to a world without borders. Once you have stretched out on a king, you will never be able to treat yourself like a peasant again.

It’s time to change up your sleep position. Explore some new options. Take a test drive of the mattress Vancouver residents have been raving about for years – the Simmons Mattress Gallery Beautyrest Black. Only SMG has the Triple Edge comfort – you won’t find this at department stores. And the worst part is, it’s only available for another few short weeks.

Soon, Simmons Mattress Gallery will be shutting its doors for good, and you might not have a chance to enjoy this luxurious added feature only found in its mattresses. As a consolation – they are offering a 75% discount on new beds. So if you hurry down to their store on Broadway and Oak, you can have a chance to unlock yourself from an awkward sleep position, and enjoy the freedom of sleeping any which way you choose for the rest of your days (and nights).

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