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Yoga Leader Wanted

Can’t sleep at night thinking about your less than pleasurable day at the office? Maybe it’s time for a new mattress. Or maybe it’s time for a new job!

Lululemon shocked the social media world this week when they posted a banner ad on the front page of their website advertising their vacant CEO position. “CEO wanted, click here to apply,” is written in all caps. Once clicked, the banner takes visitors to a brief job-posting write-up.

In the job description, the company states: “You report to no one, you are the CEO (duh).”

The post suggests the applicant mirror the following description:

  • You communicate powerfully, often through Sanskrit
  • You’re a long-term thinker. You already have a plan to bring yoga and luon to Mars by 2018
  • Not only do you lead the organization to create components for people to live long, healthy and fun lives, you know the secret to how they got the caramel in the Caramilk bar

And our favourite:

  • You voted for Pedro

The company is obviously attempting to have some fun with a fairly serious management dilemma.

Christine Day abruptly announced her upcoming departure from the CEO position on Monday. Day claims she is leaving the company with a five-year plan in place and a vision for the next ten.

The move did scare a few investors, with the stock dipping 18 per cent the day after the announcement.

This is the second scandal that has rocked the company this year. ‘Tansparency-gate‘ highlighted some production problems that needed to be addressed.

Hopefully the Vancouver company will be able to find its course fairly quickly. Maybe with your help!

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