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Japanese Imports

We were told that BC’s coast might receive radioactive waste from the nuclear fallout in Japan, but we never expected it to take over downtown Vancouver. A new Godzilla picture is filming at a variety of locations around the Lower Mainland. The Japanese import is a welcomed project for the failing film industry in British Columbia.

Godzilla got us thinking about other Japanese imports, specifically the futon mattress.

The futon is still used in households across Japan. It became popular in North America in the 1970s and has remained a viable option to the standard coil mattress for over forty years.

The original Japanese design is much different than the common western futon. Intended for use without a frame, the Japanese futon works with tatami flooring in traditional Japanese homes. The futons are rolled out and placed on the flooring when it is time to sleep. In the morning they are aired and then stored in a closet, so the sleeping space can be used for other purposes. The space management tool is ideal for a society with limited living areas.

The western design is dependent on a frame system. The appeal of the westernized futon is that it can morph from a sleeping surface to a couch. Popular with students and young professionals, the western version also offers a cheap space saving solution for furniture.

What the futon lacks is support. A coil mattress is designed to cushion your body and offer physical relief. A futon provides little or no relief and is not suggested for anyone suffering joint or back pain.

We would only recommend a futon mattress as a last resort. If Chuck Norris, the A-Team and Clint Eastwood were all busy, you might call Godzilla for help, but you’d probably regret it come morning. Same deal with a futon.

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