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Advances in Bed Bug Prevention

Vancouver is listed as on one of top ten bed bug infected cities in North America. As a travel hub, thousands of visitors pass through each year, many of them, unintentionally carrying unwanted pests. These bugs are left in hotels, hostels, friends’ homes and retail stores. They attach themselves to local residents, are transported to homes around the city and thrive once they settle on or around the mattress of a host.

Dealing with these bugs has been a major issue for local health organizations, Vancouver tenants and local homeowners. People have been forced from their homes and have paid tens of thousands of dollars to remove the bugs from their living quarters.

Pest control companies are flooded with daily bed bug calls, often servicing the same location two or three times before the issue is properly handled. As the exterminators refine their methods, the bugs adapt too, creating a hopeless cycle of infestation.

The demand for a more stable bed bug control method has lead local biochemists to invest heavily in the industry.

Two local companies with products on the cusp of launching are SemiosBIO and Terramera.

SemiosBIO has developed a synthetic pheromone that repels bed bugs from beds and luggage. The bio pesticide lasts longer than natural airborne pheromones.

The product will be marketed towards police personnel, medics in the field and other individuals who are forced to enter homes that may be infected.

Sidenote: A good friend of ours is a documentary filmmaker. She picked up the bugs when working on a film in the Downtown Eastside. Her West End apartment needed multiple treatments before she was finally rid of the little terrors.

The other company, Terramera is set to release a product called Cirkil. This product is made of natural neem oil, a product produced from an evergreen tree in India. The oil interferes with the bugs metabolic systems. It can kill 100 per cent of the bugs in an infected area within 24 hours. This includes the eggs. The company is currently developing a travel size product line.

Till their release, consumers will need to continue to exercise caution when sharing beds, visiting local hotels and visiting the DTES. Never accept a mattress from the home of someone you don’t know. Recycle your old bed. When it comes time to buy a new one, shop at Simmons Mattress Gallery in Vancouver.

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