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Sleep Deprivation Is Killing Us

A new study has found that a lack of sleep can be as harmful as drinking to intoxication. Yet not nearly as pleasurable.

When people are tired they make bad decisions. Their mental processing is slower. And they are worse drivers, causing far more accidents and fatalities.

The more hours we are awake, the more prone we are to making mistakes.

If you have one takeaway about the dangers of sleep deprivation, let it be this: a lack of sleep is killing North Americans. For being a nation of half-walking dead zombies living intravenously through our smart phones, it’s scary to think that we might as well be in the middle ages with everyone half cocked on mead all the time.

Look at this graph.

If you’ve been up for more than 16 hours, your performance goes downhill. Way downhill. And once you get to about 18 hours without sleep you might as well be 3 martinis in.

In our sleep deprived culture where expectations run high, a lot of us cut corners in the sleep department to make time. Bad call. It makes more sense to do things slowly, methodically, and to get the rest you need.

For a more efficient dream machine, try a Beautyrest. Thanks to individual pocket coils, there is no motion transfer between partners. That means you will fall to sleep easier, and stay asleep longer. There is no point laying wide-eyed on a bed for 2 hours, that doesn’t count towards sleep. You want to be out like a light and to do that you need a comfortable bed. Talk to us, we’ll set you up.

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