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Prioritizing Sleep Does Not Make You a Bad Parent

We all try to prioritize our lives around our families, but many of us often forget about our own basic needs in the process. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, fitness, diet and sleep should never be neglected; no matter how many soccer practices you have to attend. Sleep, especially, needs to stay on your constant to-do-list, without it, you’ll crash.

A newborn in the house is the classic reason why many adults neglect their regular sleep schedules.

Late-night crying sessions, feedings and diaper changes can have us up at all hours of the night. Often, these can’t be avoided. When baby calls, as a parent, we have to respond.

But sharing the responsibility is also part of being a good parent. If we take on too much, we run the risk of providing a lowered standard of care.

Try to split the late-night duties with your spouse. Create a schedule and try to stick with it. For single parents, employ the help of a family member or close friend to ease the load.

The same holds true for those of us taking care of an elderly family member. Make sure to split up the duties.

If you’re not getting enough sleep, the loved one you’re looking after is probably not getting the care they deserve. Stay healthy and prioritize sleep. You’ll feel better, you’ll have more energy and your loved one will see the difference in your smile.

If you’re reading this article and thinking ‘lucky me! I’m free of both an infant and a senior,’ you may want to consider helping out someone who needs it. Often our friends and family are too embarrassed or shy to ask for help. Volunteer your services and add a little good karma to your week.

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