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Disturbing Sleep Stats

  • Time it takes to fall asleep at night: 45 minutes
  • Number of hours of deep sleep per night: 1 hour
  • Total hours asleep: 5.5

These are disturbing statistics.

If your daily playing card reads like the stats above, it is time to change your mattress.
A worn, tired out spring mattress will have you tossing and turning trying to find the optimal sleeping position. This is time your brain and body could be resting. Instead, your brain is focusing on realignment alternatives and your body is trying to accommodate.

If it takes you more than ten minutes to fall asleep each night, you need to buy a new mattress.

The stage of sleep, just before REM, is the most important in your sleep cycle. This is the stage when your brain waves are at their slowest. This stage is vital for physical and mental refreshment.

When your early hours of sleep are interrupted, your body takes longer to reach the deep sleep stage. With less hours of deep sleep, you will often wake feeling as tired as you were when you originally laid down.

Again, initial interruptions in sleep can often be blamed on an old or less than adequate mattress. Upgrade and sleep soundly.

When your total hours of sleep are less than seven, you are running a sleep debt. Some of us may intend to get a full eight hours rest, going to bed at a reasonable time, but still we fall short. This is due to nightly disturbances, often caused by our partner’s movements. When we limit these disturbances, we create the potential for longer bouts of uninterrupted sleep.

How do we stop this motion transfer from disturbing us at night? You guessed it: We buy a new mattress.

Simmons Mattress Gallery has a bevy of mattresses to choose from. Visit one of our two Vancouver locations and improve your stats instantly.

How do your stats match-up?

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