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Top Ten Reasons to Buy a New Mattress

It’s the first time all week that the whole family has had a chance to sit down to a meal ‘together’. Everyone is laughing and sharing stories from the last few days. Michael, your middle child and amateur-comedian, begins a retelling of his first day at Volleyball practice. He is in the middle of describing a fish-in-a-net metaphor, when the doorbell rings. It’s a young man selling yard work. He is nice enough, but his sales pitch soon accelerates. His forcefulness ruins your mood and you return to the table slightly bitter. Two minutes later the phone rings; it’s your local incumbent or one of her people, asking for your support in the next election. You remind the caller that it’s dinnertime and excuse yourself. When you get back to the table, Michael has finished his story; the plates are being cleared and the moment has passed.

At Simmons Mattress Gallery, we are not about the pushy sale. We respect your family time; we know how important it is. That’s why we blog each week. We create simple short pieces that you can read at your leisure. Articles that inform, entertain and express our enthusiasm for improving the sleep of others. We also like to keep you abreast on all the fun things happening in our fair City of Vancouver.

The majority of our submissions include one or more reasons why a mattress purchase at Simmons Mattress Gallery is a smart decision. Rarely do we include all the reasons in a single blog. But that’s what we would like to do this week; a short list of the top ten reasons why you should buy a new bed from Mattress Vancouver.

So, without the pressure, here’s our list:

10. They’re on Sale

If you haven’t heard, we’re having a clearance sale. It’s massive! And all our beds are on sale, some of them up to 75% off. Why so low? Because we’re liquidating our stock.

Closeout Sale:

9. Your Complexion

Get eight hours or more of rest each night and your physical appearance will mirror your added energy. We can’t promise you’ll take on Beckham’s high cheekbones or Jennifer Lawerence’s dimples, but your natural features will take on new highlights. More energy, means more smiles.

Ironing Out the Wrinkles:

8. Personal Relationships

When we’re tired we get cranky. Fact. Sleep more and you will be more patient with others. Improve the bed you share with your partner and you will both reap the rewards.

Bed Partners:

7. Sexy Times

No one wants to get romantic on an uncomfortable bed. Sure, in the moment of a passion, any horizontal surface will do. But for prolonged satisfaction, a new mattress will give you more excuses to retire early and more time on the bed means more opportunities for fun.

Romantic Inclinations:

6. Professional Knowledge

We’re not IKEA. We specialize in one thing: Mattresses. The mattress professionals working at Simmons Mattress Gallery know their trade inside and out. Bring all your questions to our showroom and receive the exemplary service that SMG has become famous for.

Ask a Professional:

5. Bed Bugs / Mattress Recycling

Saving the planet should be one of the top concerns of every human sharing the beautiful setting we know as Earth. Reusing household items is a way of eliminating waste. Unfortunately, with mattresses comes the risk of spreading bugs. The solution: proper mattress recycling. Buy your mattresses new and recycle your old one. Don’t bringing bugs into your home.

Bait For Bedbugs:

4. Improve Your Productivity at Work

No more falling asleep at the keyboard or daydreaming about cat videos.

Keyboard Imprint:

3. Beautyrest Innovation

We sell a superior product. A Beautyrest Mattress is made of non-flip pocket coils that work individually, rather than as a single mattress spring. This unique feature provides motion separation from sleeping partners. Simmons Canada also provides a 10-year warranty on all of their beds. The fabrics used to top a Beautyrest are a mix of a cotton, wool and silk blend. There are multiple options for firm or plush support, as well as a variety of comfort profiles. The full line of Beautyrest mattresses is available at Simmons Mattress Gallery.

2. Your Family

Get more sleep and improve the quality of your family time. Rested kids, results in fewer tears, which equals happier parents. Spend more time laughing and listening to Mike’s stories.

Story Time:

1. Your Health

The evidence is there in the research. A solid sleeper is less likely to succumb to age related health problems; Less likely to develop breast cancer; Less likely to suffer anxiety as a young adult; Less likely to develop type 2 diabetes. An individual who avoids sleep debt is more likely to excel at physical sports; More likely to resist weight gain; More likely to maintain a strong immune system; and more likely to exercise.

The Scary Reality of Losing Sleep:

The reasons are all there. We won’t push them on you. We’ve published them for you to read.

Thanks for your time and patience.

Enjoy your sleep…

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