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Pocket Coil Innovation – Simmons Beautyrest

A Beautyrest mattress is not a traditional coil mattress. It is a single structure made up of over a hundred individual pocket coils. Each one of these coils works independently to provide a mattress that shapes to the contour of your body.

Pioneered in 1925, the pocket-coil design has seen many changes. Today, the Simmons’ coils are made of heavy grade steel. They are wider at the base for added stability and narrower at the top to reduce motion transfer. They come pre-compressed in a non-allergenic, soft fabric pocket.

The pocket coil design eliminates movement disturbances from your sleeping partner and creates a single sleeping surface that cushions each user separately. It prevents mattress sag, reduces spring wear and provides the most comfortable sleeping platform on the market today.

If you have ever spent a night on a Beautyrest, you know the difference. You may not have realized how the coils worked, but you felt the support and slept through the night.

For those of you who have never felt the luxury of a pocket coil mattress… Go for it! Swing in to a Simmons Mattress Gallery location and test sleep the finest mattress money can buy.

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