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What Age Should You Give Your Child a Pillow?

Over the years we’ve had a number of customers ask us about what is the appropriate age to give a child a pillow. Not being doctors, merely mattress experts, we consulted a few online forums frequented by new moms.

According to our research, most pediatricians suggest two years. Any younger than that and the child is probably sleeping in a crib. Adding items to a crib setting can be dangerous, so leaving the pillow out till your child has a ‘proper’ bed is probably the right decision.

When your child does make the move, offer them a contoured pillow designed for infants. This will encourage the natural alignment of their spine.

Try to find a firm foam pillow that is anti allergenic. Feather or down pillows should be avoided at all costs. They offer little support and are conducive to unwanted dust mites. Never substitute an adult pillow for a toddler.

If you’re worried about your child’s positioning, monitor their sleep while napping and see if the pillow is being used properly or if it is having a negative impact on their rest. There will always be a small chance that your child could windup with the pillow over their heads, so the flatter the better.

If your child is sleeping fine without a pillow, even when transitioning to a bed, don’t feel rushed to introduce one. They can be helpful with congestion, children suffering from earaches and light sleepers, but if your youngster is expressing no desire for extra softness, don’t introduce it until needed. It may seem weird to see your child sleeping without a pillow, but that is nature’s way.

We hope this has been helpful to you new moms out there.

If you have further questions, please direct them towards your family doctor. All other mattress inquires, send to us.

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