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If You Build It…

That rainbow-bricked model of Optimus Prime that you made when your were eight; the one you refused to disassemble because of its pure beauty; the one you warned your mother never to throw out; the one you sneak up to see whenever you visit your parents; well, there might finally be a stage worthy of its blocked magnificence.

On Sunday, April 28th, the Vancouver Lego Games will commence at the Firefighter’s Club in Metrotown. The games will feature two events: ‘Ready, Set, Build!’ and ‘My Own Creation’. All proceeds will go to Canucks Place Children’s Hospital.

The ‘Ready, Set, Build!’ event will give contestants one hour to build an original creation. Contestants will be given a theme and a set number of Lego pieces to work with. The builders will compete in pre-defined age brackets. And yes, there is an adult category, but that doesn’t mean adult themed entries.

The second contest, ‘My Own Creation’, has far less pressure. Contestants can bring one original creation to the games and submit it. Their piece must fit in a one-foot square base and be no higher than two feet. The primary build must be made entirely of original Lego parts. The subject matter is open to the contestant. Again, keep it PG.

The judging will be done by Robin Sather. Sather is the only registered Lego professional in Canada. We’re sure his father, Glen (Sather), is very proud. Not quite the hockey career the old man envisioned for his son.*

The cost to enter either contest is $10. Spectators will be asked to pay $3. But remember, all the proceeds will be going to charity. So bring the whole family, register your finest talent and enjoy the show.

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