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Foods to Avoid if You’re Having Trouble Sleeping

We all know the effects of the holiday bird on our bodies; A couple helpings of turkey and it is lights out. But what about the dangerous foods that keep us awake at night. This week Simmons Mattress Gallery would like to pass on a list of foods to avoid before bedtime.

Chocolate: A small piece for dessert is acceptable, but an entire bar can contain as much caffeine as a can of pop.

Pizza: Those extra slices you’ve been saving from dinner are not an advisable snack before bed. Fatty foods can interrupt your circadian rhythms, disrupting your natural sleep cycle. An overly greasy dinner can also create symptoms of discomfort that can affect your sleep hours later.

Red Meats: Protein rich diets are deadly for those of us with trouble sleeping. Your body works hard to break down the proteins in red meat, complicating the digestive process. With added work, comes less rest and a higher chance of stomach discomfort.

Spicy Foods: If you love to add Tabasco or other hot sauces to your dinner, you could be doing your sleep a disservice. Spicy foods increase our core temperature, creating a warming sensation that can confuse the brain. They also increase the chance of heartburn.

Citrus: Oranges might seem like a nutritious nighttime snack, but the added acidity can make our stomachs

Coffee: We shouldn’t even need to mention it, but the late-night caffeine hit is a bad, bad idea. No matter how much you love the taste of it, coffee should not be an evening indulgence. Even a cup at 4 p.m. can affect your sleep.

Did you also know that when our bodies are sleep-deprived, our appetite increases and therefore our potential for weight gain? We also start to crave the items that offer spikes in our blood sugar, like soda pop, McDonalds and other salty-sugary treats.

Break the vicious cycle by giving your body adequate amounts of rest and you will be less likely to crave a bag of chips at 8:30 at night.

For improving your sleep, try a glass of milk or a mug of tea before bed. Some even suggest a sandwich. Preferably one padded with the aforementioned gobbler.

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