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Cat Nap

There she is, just lying there; probably been on the couch the whole day.While you slaved over reports, answered emails and daydreamed about your Simmons Beautyrest, she was trying to find the best position on the pillow. With feelings of resentment boiling up, you consider withholding her dinner. But after thirty seconds of watching her little ears twitch, you remember how adorable she is and all your bitterness turns to affection.

Your kitty cat’s resemblance to a shiftless loafer is part of his/her DNA make-up. Cats are predators and like larger cats, they do most of their (hunting) in the hours just before dusk and just after daybreak. During the day they spend the majority of their time recharging their energy reserves. It takes a lot of effort to stalk and pounce on unexpecting prey.

In fact, cats spend about fifteen hours a day recharging. Add that up and cats spend about two-thirds of their life with their eyes closed.

Their sleeping patterns consist of two states: deep sleep and drowsing. The majority of the time, cats are in snooze mode. The brain waves are in long rhythms, much like their active conscious brain. They only slip into deep sleep for short, five-minute intervals. The rest of their sleep is spent in a semi-state of preparedness.

If you wonder which state of sleep your cat is in, watch their twitches. If they twitch their ears, they are snoozing. Their ear twitches mean their brains are still monitoring the sounds around them, their bodies ready to spring to action. Paw and whisker twitches usually mean they’re dreaming, a sign of deep sleep.

Another interesting fact about cats and their sleeping patterns is their sensitivity to weather. If it’s cold and wet outside, cats will sleep more. During sunny days they are more active.

Cats also adjust mildly to the sleeping patterns of their owners (roommates). If food is served, you can guarantee they will pull themselves out of their curled-up coma.

So don’t wake her. Let her sleep. There’s stalking to be done later and not the ‘Facebook’ kind.

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