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There is no shortage of aromatic coffee shops in Vancouver Mattress retailers have a love/hate relationship with the wicked brown bean. It gets us out of bed, but it also keeps us from it. Most sleep specialists recommend not drinking coffee up to 8 hours before bedtime. But given that most if us try to be lights out by 11, why are coffee shops so packed at 5?

We have an insatiable desire for caffeine. Workers are expected to be productive all day long. A slump is inexcusable, especially an hour before quitting time when the crunch comes to get everything done before the drive home. So what is our answer? The dangerous 4 pm pot. We know it’s a bad idea, and that it’s going to mess us up until midnight. But we can’t help it! We’re addicted.

Western society has a chemical ritual that us echoed through the halls of banks, schools, and government offices – caffeine, sugar, alcohol, sleep aid. It’s terrible for our health, and could all be remedied, with simply a good sleep.

With a proper brand name mattress designed to your comfort preference level, you can sleep soundly every night, wake up with coffee, have the jump to exercise (and thus no longer depend on sugar and carbs to get your rush), be more relaxed, wine free, in the evenings, and perfectly sleepy by 11 that evening.

The right bed can solve your diet & health worries all in one go.

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