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Facebook Fever

Trying to keep above the wave of sickness that is drowning the office in sore throats, fever and uncontrolled vomiting?

An interesting new app uses Facebook statuses to identify friends or acquaintances that may be coming down with flu like syndromes. The app is titled Help, My Friend Gave Me the Flu and is available only for users of the social networking site Facebook.

The app enlists the help of a search engine that scans your friends status updates, searching for certain keywords that are linked to sickness: coughing, stomachache, sneezing, doctor, hospital, projectile…the list is extensive.

It also takes into consideration what time the statuses were written. Too many late night status updates will identify your friend from choir as an at-risk acquaintance.

It’s basically a witch hunt tool, but fun nonetheless.

It might be nice to message those friends with late-night issues and tell them that, because you care about their health, you think they should go to bed earlier. If they refuse to listen, maybe recommend a good mattress Vancouver Company, so at least their limited hours of sleep will be comfortable.

If you do get sick, maybe keep your updates clean. You’ll avoid the look of zombie-death-fear from Deb in Accounting.

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