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Bed Partners

Relationships are not easy. Why? Because they involve ‘two’ people with very different needs, romantic tendencies and comfort levels.

It’s very rare that we are attracted to a person with exactly the same mannerisms. We seek out partners that bring new facets to our lives and encourage new experiences.

But relationships, as we all know, bring new challenges.

One of the biggest is in the bedroom (and we’re not talking about the sexy times).

We all have different sleeping schedules and when two people share a bedroom, it’s hard for those sleep patterns to align. If one person likes to stay up, then the other is disturbed when the night owl finally comes to bed. If the night owl decides to sleep on the couch instead of waking the other, then their sleep is affected.

It might seem unromantic, but earplugs and eyemasks are good investments.

Mattress preference might also be an issue. Finding a bed that suits both you and your partner’s comfort preferences can be trying. Fortunately there are proffesionals that can help. Simmons Mattress Gallery employees are in the business of solving couples’ sleep issues. By recommending a bed that will satisfy both partners, Mattress Vancouver can provide relationship help on a base level.

Build a healthier relationship with your partner. Improve your sleep and increase the enjoyment of sharing a bed.

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