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The West End is one of Vancouver’s most unique neighbourhoods. From the shopping corridors of Robson, Denman and Davie, to the green hideaways nestled between stacked apartments, to the sandy coastal retreats along the seawall; the West End is full of people, vegetation and quaint living spaces.

Some of the most intriguing passageways of the West End are the ones less travelled by tourists and busy commuters. The alleyways are a 24-hour a day network of animals, bottle scavengers and junk collectors.

Living off the throwaway scraps of the high-rise tenants, this ’subclass’ of resident survives on the materials abandoned in the West End Alleyways. An unofficial recycling program is alive and thriving in this neighbourhood.

But like all recycling programs, there are items that are looked over. One of the most obvious is the used mattress.

Walk the alleys of the West End at any time of year and you are bound to see at least one abandoned mattress set. With a dense population of renters, tenants are constantly moving out and moving in. The mattress seems like one of those items that is easily tossed, but hard to dispose of.

Most waste management companies refuse to pick-up mattresses due to their weight and their potential for legitimate recycling.

Being a larger item, in a community of transit and pedestrian commuters, owners do not have the means of transporting their used mattresses to the appropriate recycling station. As a result, mattresses find their way to the rear of the West End apartment towers, where they sit collecting moisture, until a begrudging property manager calls the appropriate services.

On behalf of the West End Business Association, mattress Vancouver would like to suggest that tenants make plans for the removal of their used mattress before they collect their damage deposit.

The raccoons and dumpster divers can only recycle so much of our waste. Keep our alleys clean of mattresses.

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