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The Snooze Temptress


Your iPhone starts to vibrate and play a marimba sound bite that is all too recognizable.

Your hand reaches over to the side table and without opening your eyes, you instinctively touch the screen where you know that glorious snooze button resides.


More marimba. For a brief second, your thoughts go to Costa Rica. These images are violently replaced by Powerpoint slides of the report you will give this afternoon. You turn over and buy yourself another eight minutes. The phone gladly accepts your payment.


You’re officially late. You check the time, knowing the answer. In zombie-mode, you make your way to the shower. Fifteen minutes later, in the kitchen, you decide to skip breakfast. You put your coffee in a to-go mug and head for the door.


You arrive at work, hungry, late and tired.

The lesson here: The snooze button is an evil temptress. Avoid her at all costs.

The eight minutes you think you’re gaining is actually sleeploss. Interrupted sleep increases fatigue. You are much better off getting up with your original alarm.

To avoid the snooze temptation, remove the option – easily done on a phone, a little harder with an alarm clock. Needle nose pliers work well.

Good luck friends.

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