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Schooled For Sleep

With back to school happening this week, parents are heaving a small sigh of relief as their tumultuous children get back to work.

Except for those returning to college. Recent surveys have shown that the average college student receives less than six hours of sleep per night, whereas the recommended average is eight. Why? Well, there’s the experience of being in a new place with new friends. Energy drinks. Booze. Parties. Late night studying. In fact there is an endless list of reasons why kids could possibly be put off from their studies.

Either way, it’s not good. This sleep deprivation is causing students to have a full grade level lower than their parents. It’s affecting their health. It’s ruining their university experience.

So, there are a few initiatives to help kids get more sleep. Ear plugs, sleep shades and nap lessons are now the norm at many college campuses. Times have changed since the woebegone years of smoky classrooms and steely focus. Now students are bombarded with the Internet 24/7 and an endless stream of online distraction.

There’s an active push to make sure that students are conscious of the sleep they need, and the importance it has on their studies.

If you are a parent sending your child off to university, you can solve this crisis in one swoop. Buy your child a great bed. Nothing calls you to bed on time, or even earlier than a comfortable Simmons Beautyrest mattress.

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