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West Vancouver is known for many things: Yummy mommies, The Housewives of Vancouver, epic backyards and million-dollar views. But it is not really known for its West Vancouver mattress stores.

Sure there are a few to be found hither and yawn, but to find a bed you really want to crash out on, you are going to need that special West Vancouver blend of quality and value. No one understands premium in Vancouver, like the people from West Vancouver.

That’s why the Midsummer Beautyrest Sale at Simmons Mattress Gallery is perfect for the discerning client. Beautyrests are top of the line, and par none when it comes to the best bed on the market. Only a Beautyrest has the patented pocket coils to eliminate motion transfer between partners. So when you sleep soundly, you won’t be woken in the night by someone coming in later, or getting up and down to refill their latte on a Sunday morning.

This is where the West Vancouver mattress stores cannot compete. Only Simmons Mattress Gallery on Broadway and Oak offers Simmons Beautyrests for 60% off. But it is only during the Beautyrest Mattress Sale, so there is a limited window to get a high quality bed at incredible value.

If you live in West Vancouver, simply drive across the bridge and up to Broadway, and the Simmons Mattress Gallery staff will be more than happy to help you get the bed you deserve, at a price you can brag about.

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