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Facebook Dislike Button

You’d think the Internet was negative enough already.

There are campaigns going around encouraging people to ‘petition’ Facebook for a Dislike Button, to balance out the Like and Share buttons.

In some ways, it makes perfect sense: As an expression of sympathy, for example. You can’t exactly “like” it when someone says their dog has died.

However, the Internet is filled with vitriol. Trolls have ruined everything from YouTube to Twitter with their snarky, mean-spirited comments, and attempts to draw angry readers into an idiotic flame war.

Unfortunately, the Internet is one big, ugly reminder of the bad apple theory. The Internet has become a dark place of armchair bravado. In this often cruel environment, the last thing we need is another tool for haters to be negative with.

I say thumbs down to the Dislike Button. There’s enough bad vibes out there already.

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