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Sleep Soldiers and Martyrs

Do you know someone who brags about how little sleep they need?

Do they downplay their tiredness as a necessary contribution to a greater cause?

Then you’re dealing with a sleep solider, or sleep martyr.

In the modern world, it seems that there are more children than homes, and more comfortable beds than couples. Times are tough.

Money is hard to come by. It’s harder to save. But that doesn’t mean that someone needs to suffer needlessly to show their value in the family equation.

Those who sleep better, think better, and they get more done. If they’ve come as far in their planning to realize that they should sacrifice sleep, then they’re miles ahead of most people in this world. Sleep is a given. But don’t deny its ability to help.

If you are reading this on behalf of a grandparent that works twice as hard as you, but denies a quality bed – think of it as an investment in their skill-set and ethic. Not a luxury. Fuel.

A better sleep makes for a more productive day. Those who opt to be soldiers and martyrs, if anyone, need more sleep to keep them focused when the rest of the family adjusts to how the world really is.

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