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Resting Up For The Big Race

Did you watch the Vancouver marathon last week? Did you take part? It was quite the scenic route – around the sea wall, and through the city. If you’ve made a vow, that next year, you’re in – registration starts in August for the 2013 marathon, and you had better start training now.

It’s one thing to have good shoes.

But there are a few other things you should invest in before you get started.


Wick shirts.

Energy bars.

But what about sleep?

One thing every serious runner definitely needs is a good rest. Not just before race day, but as a means of healing your body while training. Consider it an investment in your performance.

Talk to us at Simmons Mattress Gallery - we can point you towards the best bed for a runner’s rest. Try a few in the store, and pick one that suits your body best. You can’t underestimate how much good sleep can affect your time on race day.

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