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Cocooning In a Recession

When money is tight, the first thing that families do is cut back on their spending. Since the economy crashed in 2008, no one has really recovered. People have turtled into their shells waiting for the storm to blow over. But so far, three and a half years later, everything still seems, well, frozen.

Looking back on the 2008-201? recession, historians might very well consider this to be the first three years of a ten year depression – much like we saw in 1929-1939.

“Cocooning” is a sociological phenomenon where people spend more time indoors, and less going out and socializing. Families and friends stay at home, watch movies, play cards or just meet for dinners – as opposed to vacationing, going to the cinema or out dancing. It has become more and more prevalent in the last ten years, as money has become tight, and one night out can set you back a small fortune.

Boiling down a life situation to the barest of bones – what you get is groceries and rent. There’s no room for anything else. However, if you were going to spend your money on only one item of furniture, what is best for the cocooning that is going on?

Our money would be on your bed. You use it more than any other stick of furniture in your home. And it is the one most linked to your health and well-being. When it comes to mattresses Vancouver bed store Simmons Mattress Gallery knows more about them than any other place in town – and having toughed out more than one recession, they know all about financing and payment options to make it easier for the careful buyer.

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