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The Advantages of a Box Spring

Ever wonder why people in North America use box springs? In Europe, a lot of beds are put up on wooden platforms. You see it still in older hotels. In South America, you’ll just find a mattress. And in other parts of the world, they haven’t even heard of the word.

Box springs are not complicated things. Actually, they are mostly air. If you flip one over and look in there, it’s not too exciting. But there are a few reasons that North Americans like their box spring foundations.

  1. The height. It’s nice to be able to sit down on your bed. It kind of doubles as a chair that way. Also, if you are a bit older, it makes it easy to slip in and out of your bed.
  2. A bit of bounce. Like the springs in a bed, the special design of a box spring allow for a bit of give when you’re sleeping.
  3. A sense of completion. Just a mattress on the floor makes your bedroom look like a flophouse. You need a boxspring to make your house a home.

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