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Sleep and Mood

Studies have shown that mood is strongly affected by sleep deprivation.

A human’s well-being is intimately linked with how well they sleep at night. We are all familiar with the irritability we feel after a rough night’s sleep, but did you know that the damage can be even more pervasive? It has also been found that chronic insomnia can lead to mood disorders such as anxiety and depression.

The reverse is also true. Insomnia and difficulty sleeping is often an early symptom of depression. 15-20% of people diagnosed with insomnia will develop a major depression later on.

A good night’s sleep has restorative properties. If subjects reported feeling anxious or depressed, a good sleep was often able to ease their worries, tenseness and anxiety the next day. After several nights of sleeping well, many of the symptoms disappeared entirely.

Foul moods can be toxic. Misery loves company, so one person’s bad sleep can have a domino effect on all those around them, making everyone tense. To think all it could take is a good mattress to reverse this grouchy trend.

If you are sleeping poorly because of an old mattress, you are just torturing yourself and those around you. Simmons Mattress Gallery has Beautyrest Queens on sale for $898. For less than a thousand dollars you can be sleeping well every night, and getting rid of the lousy mood that is most likely causing you to make bad decisions, and could be costing you your mental (as well as physical) well-being.

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