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Sleep In The Diet Mix

If you want to get rich all you need to do is write a diet book. People are obsessed with the numbers between their toes and they will read – and buy – just about anything in order to hear those three little words: “You’ve lost weight.”  Ideally followed by an even better trio, “You look great.”

There is no miracle to losing weight. It is just a matter of diet and exercise, just like everyone has been telling you since you were a kid. Despite all the mumbo jumbo on the newsstands and far-fangled fads, the body boils down to simple calorie conversion machine. It’s an equation:

Calories In – Calories Out =Excess Calories/1600 = Pounds gained or lost

Everyone has an ‘ideal weight’ or ‘resting weight.’ It’s when all the stars are aligning, you’re eating your vegetables, getting your 30 min of intense exercise a day and sleeping 7-8 hours a night*. This weight might be 180 lb for some people, 100 lb for others. It comes down to your body shape.

Are you an exomorph (big boned and heavy-set), an ectomorph (thin-boned and slight) or a mesomorph (athletic)?

You can’t change your genes. So the best you can do is figure out where a suitable resting weight is for your body structure, and then work around that. Don’t shoot for 100 lb and look at pictures of Kate Moss if you have wrists like Kate Winslet. You’re wasting your time. Look for a picture of a mesomorph at her prime, and then build towards that. Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson have mesomorphic bodies (which explains the wide selection of dress sizes).

In general, Islanders are exomorphic, Asians are ectomorphic and Americans are mesophorphic. In the same way you can’t trade in your ethnicity, you can’t just swap the foundation of a resting body type. Know what you are and work around it.

*Sleep? Did we mention sleep? As much as exercise is important to maintaining a shape, sleep is integral to restoring the body after it shuts down for the day. Getting proper sleep will actually help you lose weight as well. More on sleeping yourself thin in this article.

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