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Breaking It In

You wouldn’t hit the trail in a pair of hiking boots you just bought. Not without expecting some blisters anyway.

They need to be broken in first. The leather needs to soften with a bit of use. Their shape needs to mould to familiar feet.

Same goes for mattresses.

You’ll notice a slight difference between the bed you selected in our showroom and the bed you have delivered.

That’s because the mattresses in the showroom have been broken over time – from the testing of shoppers like yourself.

Your bed will feel that way, eventually, just not right away. Don’t worry. Just give it time.

We usually suggest that our customers give their new beds a month or so to feel right. The bed will soften and get more comfortable to you over time.

You have 90 days to return. So wait until 2-3 month mark. The first month is still an adjustment period.

If you have any further questions about breaking in your new Simmons mattress, please do not hesitate to call us at: 604-733-5161 ‎

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