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The Necessity of Sleep

“Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury.”

These are the profound words offered by James Maas, Ph.D., coauthor of Sleep for Success! Like eating right and getting adequate exercise, the hours you spend asleep are critical for the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

When we are behind on our sleep, we often neglect our healthy habits. We start making poor choices due to our fatigue.

These poor choices could include missing various appointments for physical activity. This can have a snowball effect and before we know it, two months have passed since we’ve made a trip to the gym.

With a lack of sleep comes a lack of energy to prepare nutritious food. Instead of making a stir-fry and a summer salad, we hit A&W for a double teen burger and onion rings. Poor choices…

We also suddenly crave quick hits of caffeine to keep our mental activity alert. Again, this has a compounding effect. The crash is inevitable.

To avoid this dangerous cycle, make time for at least seven hours a night. The necessity, not the luxury.

Luxury - Clearly Not a Necessity

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