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At Simmons Mattress Gallery we accommodate all comfort levels to find our customers the perfect bed for their lifestyle. In the food world, this task is often a little more difficult, especially if your chosen lifestyle is vegan. Finding goods that meet your ingredient standards can be a difficult task. Finding baked goods – almost impossible.

Well that is all about to change, with the opening of Edible Flours (cute little pun), the first all-vegan retail bakery in Vancouver. The bakery will launch in late March, on Broadway, between Vine and Yew. Edible Flours will offer sweets of all sorts that are dairy and egg free. This includes cupcakes, cookies, muffins, loaves, brownies and even birthday cake. All the sweeteners used in these products will be un-refined.

Their menu will also include items for specialty diets, with the option of gluten, wheat, soy and sugar free products.

Unfortunately, the bakery will not initially produce bread, but co-owner Paul Briggs claims it may be a possibility further along.

Briggs and Alli Neville started the project with a make-to-order bakery a year ago.

Divine Vegan Treats

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