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Noise Reduction

Simmons mattresses are a pleasure to sleep on. In a world of counterfeits and knock-offs, nothing beats a night on a pocket coiled Simmons. The masters of eliminating motion transfer, Simmons beds guarantee you and your loved one a sound sleep.

Well that is to say, ‘we guarantee a motionless sleep.’ All ’sounds’ that come from the two of you are your own. But we know that involuntary oral escapes can be a problem. Especially for the silent partner, the one who gets to enjoy the steam whistle every night.

For that lucky individual we have compiled a list of five snore remedies to try with your partner:

1. Ask your partner, in the nicest way possible, if they wouldn’t mind sleeping on their stomach. Sleeping on your back causes your throat to relax and block your airway.

2. Help or encourage your partner to butt-out. Smoking is one of the leading causes of snoring.

3. Use a humidifier to keep the air in your bedroom moist. Dry air can lead to a dry and irritable throat.

4. Ask your partner to try different throat exercises. Strengthening the muscles in your upper respiratory tract can help with the noise.

5. Try a new diet with your partner. Eating habits can directly affect your snoring. A diet of junk food leads to poor muscle tone and extra fatty tissue. Both of these contribute to snoring.

At least someone is sleeping...

*Nothing working. Time to talk to your doctor. Chances are he might recommend a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine. This is a rather large commitment. Apart from being very pricey, the CPAP machine is fairly physically obtrusive in the bedroom. But if you can’t sleep…

Good luck with those tips. Try a few. And don’t worry. We’ll still keep on making quality beds for you to enjoy when that silent night finally comes.

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