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Nightly Attire

What do you wear to bed on a nightly basis? Simmons Mattress Gallery wants to know.

Each one of us has a certain bedtime uniform that we feel the most comfortable in after-hours. Some of us retire to our bed wearing half of what we wore that day. Others spend each night in pajamas. Others still, sleep in boxers and a t-shirt.

Feeling sexy? There is always that lingerie at the back of your sock drawer. Feel like a fabric hug? Pull out the hoodie from College. Cold feet? Those wool socks you bought for skiing in 2007 are great!

And then some of us feel the most comfortable with nothing on. Commando!

Simmons Mattress Gallery would like to conduct a poll of what the majority of British Columbians wear to bed. Join our Facebook group and post your answers on our wall. Following us on Twitter? Send us a message or @mention us on your own feed. Just give us a brief description of what you wear on a regular night when you go to sleep.

Feel like doing some mattress shopping in your nightly garbs? Bring them down, change in the back and try out some of the finest beds in the business in your most comfortable evening attire. We won’t judge.

(Is that a Tears For Fears concert shirt???)

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