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Even with the age of personal electronics in hyper-drive, it is still nice to relax before bed with a good book. The paper bound kind.

This week Simmons Mattress Gallery would like to post a few of our favourite reads to inspire this timeless nightly ritual.

1. The Millennium Series – This Swedish crime series has won fans all over the world. All three books are essential reading for literary lovers. Stieg Larsson has crafted a trilogy that throws you directly into a world of family intrigue, sexual exploitation and modern investigative practices. The strong female protagonist, Lisabeth Salander, is part Nikita, part Sherlock Holmes. Avoid the temptation to watch the films first.

2. Stanley Park – Nominated for the Giller Prize in 2001, this is the first novel by local writer Timothy Taylor. Set in Vancouver, the novel revolves around the factual unsolved murder of two children in Stanley Park. It has wonderful descriptive culinary passages, as the main character is a chef. You may also notice a strong resemblance between the novel’s description of the fictitious coffee company Inferno and the Northwest based barista house, Starbucks.

3. Mister Pip – This is an understated novel by New Zealand author Lloyd Jones. Set on an unnamed Pacific island in the midst of a civil war, “Mister Pip” details the power of a single piece of literature to educate, inspire and mystify. Mr. Watts, the only white man in a community of islanders, uses Charles Dickens’ classic, work, “Great Expectations,” to teach a schoolhouse full of forgotten children the value of life and the written word.

We would love to hear your own suggestions for essential bedtime reading.

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