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The Bandit

Walking the streets this month, you may notice a few more Burt Reynolds impersonators than normal. No, it’s not the thirtieth anniversary of Smokey and the Bandit (well it might be…probably should look that up), no, it’s the return of Movember. It is the time of year when men across the globe let their upper lip go untamed for a good cause.

The idea is simple, 30 days to grow a moustache and promote awareness for men’s health. Sponsorship is appreciated. Funds collected go to helping fight prostate cancer.

The idea was first started in 2003. Although no money was raised that first year, the men behind the movement were inspired by the women around them who had done so much for breast cancer. The men decided to attach their facial fodder to the cancer fight and Movember became an official event.

Last year Canadians raised 7.8 million during the Movember campaign.

Let’s try and break that this year. Support your hubbies pencil thin stache, persuade a family member to join and encourage that cute guy at the office to let his inner Tom Selleck out.

Register your moustache at Movember Canada.

(Apparently we missed the Smokey thirtieth by three years)

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