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Home Equity Loans

You decided to go big with your home renovations last spring. You chose granite over tile, upgraded all your fixtures to brass and added a jacuzzi in the en-suite of the master bedroom.

Now, six months after signing off on a private contractor, you are struggling to pay your bills. You already took a loan from the bank to pay for the initial reno payment and the bank has refused to lend you any more cash. So what are your options?

You could ask your family if you could borrow money.

You could apply for a second job.

You could look into prospecting as a fun new hobby.

But before you rush into any of these, Simmons Mattress Gallery would recommend you talk to Alpine Credits about receiving a home equity loan. This would let you borrow against the money you have already put towards paying off your house.

Your home is an investment. Let Alpine Credits supply you with the funds needed to finance your home renovations.

This is what ‘Yes’ feels like!

Just remember to put aside a small amount for that new mattress in your bedroom. It will complete the room and your reno project.

"This Is What Yes Feels Like!"

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