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Consumers choose to purchase mattresses from Simmons Mattress Gallery for three major reasons: the comfort a Simmons can provide, the unparalleled motion separation offered by our unique pocket coil design and the professional help Simmons Mattress Gallery staff deliver to their customers.

This week we would like to look at these three features in a little more detail.

1. The Comfort Factor

-Many mattress makers promise a comfortable night’s sleep, but very few can provide the sustained level of comfort that a Simmons offers night after night. A Simmons mattress is essentially comprised of three layers. There is the foundation layer, which is specific to each mattress, the support layer, which cushions the weight of your body and the comfort layer, the top layer that provides you with a surface on which to spread your body. The Simmons comfort layer is made of plush fabrics that yield a soft but strong immediate sleeping surface. The option for visco memory foam adds another dimension of comfort to an already perfect design.

2. Motion Separation

-Each Simmons mattress is made with 800 individual pocket coils to provide the least amount of motion transfer between you and your partner. If you made the poor choice of having three day-old chinese food less than half-an-hour before bed, your partner won’t have to feel the effects of your indigestion as you toss and turn.

3. Professional Advice

-Simmons Mattress Gallery staff are trained to provide the absolute best customer service possible. Their knowledge of the Simmons brand helps them recommend beds that are perfectly suited to the comfort and support levels you describe. In a non-rushed atmosphere they will happily explain the benefits of every mattress in the showroom. Take advantage of their expertise; come with questions and leave with answers.

Visit one of our two Simmons Mattress Gallery locations in either Coquitlam or Vancouver.

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