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14 Grinds in One Day!

Completing the Grouse Grind is a Vancouver merit badge that is mandatory for every active citizen living in our beautiful city.

It is 3 kms of hard, stair climbing cardio that rewards every finisher with a spectacular view of the city.

For some, the Grind is an annual tradition, for others, a weekly activity and still others do the Grind almost daily (during the months it’s open).

The last two groups are more likely to be registered for the timer program, an electronic database that keeps track of your performance and posts it on screens in the gondola chalet at the top of Grouse. These are the keeners who look to improve their performance on every outing.

Then there are the fanatics.

Sebastian Albrecht belongs to this group.

On Monday, Albrecht accomplished a feat that no other grinder has ever managed to do; he climbed the Grind 14 times in one day!

He began at 6:30 in the morning and finished his last trek up at 11:12 at night.

Albrecht and another climber, Vicki Mann, shared the previous record, of 13 assents in one day.

Albrecht was raising money and awareness for the charity, The Royal Le Page Shelter Foundation.

After the climb, Albrecht admitted to being “pretty exhausted. I mean, it just takes every ounce of mental and physical strength that you have, so I’m in need of recovery.”

Simmons Mattress Gallery hopes, for Albrecht’s sake, that the grinder was able to come home and pass out on a mattress worthy of his accomplishment. The only mattress that we could think of that even comes close is the Simmons Beautyrest Black; a rectangular layer cake of comfort and luxury.

“Indulge Sebastian. You deserve it.”

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