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What’s Under Your Bed?

There are hundreds of places to hide unwanted items around the house, but somehow, under the bed always seems like the most logical option.

This week, it’s time to pull out your sleeping platform and discover all the random treasures buried beneath your mattress.

Take a log, send it in and receive two pillows with your next mattress purchase at Simmons Mattress Gallery.

Just to get you in the mood, here is a list of possible items you might discover:

1. The popcorn bowl from that movie night three weeks ago.

-You and your girlfriends had decided to watch the first “Sex in the City” to get you in the mood for the sequel. It was late, so you piled on top of your bed and indulged in some heavily buttered corn. Somehow the bowl got kicked under the bed.

2. Yearbooks.

-All five years of high school. Don’t open them up, unless you plan to spend the rest of the day laughing at that ridiculous haircut you had in Grade 9.

3. The pirate eye patch from Halloween 2008.

-Your date thought it was sexy.

4. Christmas wrapping paper.

-A classic under-the-bed find. You always end up buying more paper the following year, but somehow you still think you will use the leftover ends next year. (Tip: You never do)

5. Disreputable magazines.

-Enough said.

6. The “Bush X” concert shirt.

-Why did they need the ‘X?’

7. The box of letters from your last boyfriend/girlfriend?

-Throw them out!  It was three years ago. Sorry to be so direct, but you need to move on and focus on the now. Saving them isn’t helping anyone. If it was meant to be, you two will find your way back to each other. A saved letter from 2007 will not help the situation.

8. Dust


9. Socks

-A whole collection of singles. And you thought the wash machine just ate them…

10. A tired box spring that matches the worn out coils in your mattress.

-Get rid of them both. Simmons Mattress Gallery will set you up with all your sleeping needs. Come into one of our three convenient locations. And don’t forget to bring your own list of under-the-bed treasures.

Secrets Under the Mattress

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