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Sex Differential

The evening is coming to a close and you and your significant other are heading for the bedroom. If you carry a Y sex chromosome, chances are your mind is turning to thoughts of physical pleasure. If your sex chromosomes contain a double X, you’re probably more likely to be concerned with the actual act of sleeping. This is according to a survey done of 2,000 Canadians by Better Sleep Council Canada.

The survey was conducted with the question of ‘how will you spend the extra hour you receive with the fall daylight savings time.’

55% of the women surveyed said they would rather spend that hour on sleep as compared to 31% of the men surveyed.

When asked about sex, 57% of the men felt that this would be an appropriate time expenditure, while only 32% of the women agreed with them.

Women, when tired, have their minds on the mattress, while men are looking to turn up the heat.

The architects behind Simmons mattresses are aware of the differences between sleeping partners. They have gone to great lengths to design beds that limit motion transfer through individual pocket coil construction.

If your husband is in one of his naughty moods again and you’re tired from the meeting that ran late, give him the look, turn off the light, and be confident that his frustrated tossing and turning will not be felt on your side of the bed.

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